Listeria and Food Poisoning

Listeria and Food Poisoning One of the most important issues to consider as a food manager concerns listeria and food poisoning. It has a reputation as being a tricky bug to control and, for that reason, Listeria species are used as an important benchmark for the microbial quality of food by food examiners who willContinue reading “Listeria and Food Poisoning”

Diarrhoea, Vomiting and Food – When to Stop Working

Diarrhoea, Vomiting and Food – Are you Fit to Work? Organisms such as bacteria and viruses can cause gastroenteritis; the symptoms of which include diarrhoea and vomiting. As the organisms multiply or are contained in the gut they can very easily be transferred to hands and surfaces (just the flushing of a toilet may causeContinue reading “Diarrhoea, Vomiting and Food – When to Stop Working”

E.coli O157 and Food Safety- What’s the Bug Deal?

E.coli O157 and Food Safety You may have heard of the bug E.coli O157 but do you know why it is such a significant organism in relation to food safety? It has been implicated in a number of high profile food poisoning outbreaks involving the deaths of it’s victims; particularly vulnerable people such as theContinue reading “E.coli O157 and Food Safety- What’s the Bug Deal?”

Hand washing and Food Hygiene

Hand washing and Food Hygiene Infectious Food Handlers Poor personal hygiene (especially hand washing) is implicated as one of the most likely factors involving foodborne illnesses; above poor temperature controls and inadequate cooking controls. The problem is particularly significant when the person handling food is themselves infectious, norovirus being a particular concern. Norovirus is implicatedContinue reading “Hand washing and Food Hygiene”

Flies and Food Safety

Flies and Food Safety – The Issues The association between flies and food safety is basic stuff for all food managers. As you are no-doubt aware, houseflies and blowflies pose a particular problem for all caterers. Due to their nature, breeding patterns and habits they are able to transmit pathogenic bacteria directly via food orContinue reading “Flies and Food Safety”

How to Start a Food Business

Starting a Food Business Food businesses are a popular choice for budding entrepreneurs and business operators. Operating a food business from a fixed premises can be extremely hard work though; catering and hospitality involves long hours and hard work! Did you know that up to 50% of restaurants can fail in the first year ofContinue reading “How to Start a Food Business”

The Food Safety Training Requirements

Do I Need Food Safety Training? In this article I outline advice relating to food safety training: what the law requires, who needs to do what and recommendations for good practice. There are different expectations according to what position you hold in the business, depending upon whether you are: A food handler (most kitchen staff)Continue reading “The Food Safety Training Requirements”

HACCP and Food Safety Management Procedures

What is HACCP and What are Food Safety Management Procedures? Did you know that food safety boils down to the use of a single acronym? Yes, the term ‘HACCP’ has been enshrined in European legislation for many years now. European law (based on international standards) requires food operators to put in place food safety managementContinue reading “HACCP and Food Safety Management Procedures”

Top 20 Tips for Success With Food Safety

My Top 20 Tips for Food Safety Success One of the most common cause of failures at the food hygiene inspection will be in not documenting HACCP procedures (or food safety management procedures). Other frequently flagged issues involve a lack of temperature monitoring, a lack of food hygiene awareness (training), poor cleanliness and inadequate controlsContinue reading “Top 20 Tips for Success With Food Safety”