Pest Control in Catering Establishments

One of the main causes for the closure of a food business is pest infestation. Pests harbour and transfer pathogens to food and can cause damage to food stocks. Public awareness of a pest infestation can cause significant reputational damage too. All food businesses must have a system of pest management in place and proceduresContinue reading “Pest Control in Catering Establishments”

Food Preparation Equipment – Staying Food Safe

Damaged food equipment will harbour microorganisms and allow for the accumulation of dirt. Loose parts or broken elements of food equipment may cause physical contamination of food. It is therefore important that they are maintained in good condition. Plastic, in particular, can become brittle over time and become difficult to clean. Even equipment such asContinue reading “Food Preparation Equipment – Staying Food Safe”

Flies and Food Safety

Flies and Food Safety – The Issues The association between flies and food safety is basic stuff for all food managers. As you are no-doubt aware, houseflies and blowflies pose a particular problem for all caterers. Due to their nature, breeding patterns and habits they are able to transmit pathogenic bacteria directly via food orContinue reading “Flies and Food Safety”