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The food and hospitality sectors have come under increasing pressure to maintain high standards. We try to make compliance simple.

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We provide a number of resources to help business operators comply with their responsibilities. The most common stumbling blocks for operators involve the documentation of procedures and provision of food safety training.

Food Safety Training Online

Level 2 Training

The Foundation or ‘Level 2’ food safety course is suitable for all food handling staff

Level 3 Training

The Intermediate or ‘Level 3’ food safety course is designed for all managers, owners and supervisors

Allergen Awareness

Anyone working in retail and catering must have an awareness of food allergens.

Food delivery safety

Food Deliveries and Food Safety

Since Covid-19 more businesses have become interested in carrying out food deliveries; including the provision of hot meals. Demand for delivery services has grown massively; even traditional services such as those provided by “milk-men” have received a surge in new customers. If you are thinking of adapting your business to include food delivery and haveContinue reading “Food Deliveries and Food Safety”

typhoid mary food safety

The Story of Typhoid Mary

Out of all of the historical accounts of food safety and public health the story of “Typhoid Mary” is one that is worth repeating to anyone who is learning about the subject. Typhoid is a particular type of salmonella that can be spread via the faecal-oral route. It can easily be passed on via preparationContinue reading “The Story of Typhoid Mary”

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Follow three simple steps:

✓ Document procedures
✓ Train and instruct staff
✓ Monitor controls and review