Handwashing Technique

Hand washing food safety

Hands must be washed at a designated wash hand basin using clean warm running water (at a temperature of roughly 40oC). Follow the following stages:

  1. Run the water until it is hand-hot;
  2. Rinse hands thoroughly;
  3. Apply around a teaspoon full of liquid soap to the hands;
  4. Rub hands vigorously to produce a good lather;
  5. Rub fingers between and around fingers, thumbs, fingertips and wrists for around 20 seconds or more;
  6. Rinse thoroughly under running water whilst rubbing all of the aforementioned areas until all the dirt and lather is removed;
  7. If any dirt remains start again;
  8. Dry thoroughly all parts using disposable paper towels;
  9. Use paper towel to turn off the tap if necessary; and
  10. Dispose of the paper towel without touching the bin.

Learn more about hand washing and why it is important.

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