How Effective is Hand Sanitizer?

There has been a great deal of interest in hand sanitizers recently; especially in relation to Covid-19. Hand sanitizers have been used in the food industry and healthcare settings for a long time and it is only really very recently that the subject has landed on the radar of the ‘great unwashed’. So what doContinue reading “How Effective is Hand Sanitizer?”

Cleaning Materials and Food Hygiene

The careful use of cleaning materials is an important area that will help prevent contamination and any subsequent food poisoning. How many times have you seen celebrity chefs working in a kitchen with a towel hung around their waist that they seem to use for each and every little task? Cleaning materials including towels, cloths,Continue reading “Cleaning Materials and Food Hygiene”

Chemical Assistance – Cleaning and Disinfection

Cleaning and Disinfection When carrying out cleaning and disinfection tasks it is important that you use the correct materials and chemicals for each task so that cleaning is effective and to minimise the chances of cross-contamination occurring. Detergents Chemicals (for example washing-up liquid) used to remove grease, dirt and food. Detergents help clean away greaseContinue reading “Chemical Assistance – Cleaning and Disinfection”

Food Hygiene and Cleaning Routines

Food Hygiene and Cleaning Routines Scheduled Cleaning Tasks Here are a few words on food hygiene and cleaning. There are a number of cleaning tasks that can be programmed into the working week. Many will need to be undertaken at different frequencies; some will need to be undertaken on a daily basis, others every week.Continue reading “Food Hygiene and Cleaning Routines”

Equipment Cleaning, Disinfection and Dishwashers

Equipment Cleaning, Disinfection and Dishwashers All food businesses must be kept clean and, where necessary, be disinfected. Staff working in the establishment need to be trained appropriately and provided with a suitable, and plentiful, supply of cleaning materials and chemicals. This article focuses on cleaning, disinfection and dishwashers. Disinfection is carried out through either chemicalContinue reading “Equipment Cleaning, Disinfection and Dishwashers”

Hand washing and Food Hygiene

Hand washing and Food Hygiene Infectious Food Handlers Poor personal hygiene (especially hand washing) is implicated as one of the most likely factors involving foodborne illnesses; above poor temperature controls and inadequate cooking controls. The problem is particularly significant when the person handling food is themselves infectious, norovirus being a particular concern. Norovirus is implicatedContinue reading “Hand washing and Food Hygiene”