Acrylamide – and its significance for food safety

Acrylamide forms from naturally present substances in the food; asparagine (an amino acid) in combination with sugars. It is activated by high temperatures during cooking (particularly frying, roasting, toasting and baking). The main types of food groups that are of concern include potato, cereal and coffee based products. Potato, bread and pastry products (including biscuits,Continue reading “Acrylamide – and its significance for food safety”

Thermometers and Food Safety

Thermometers are used to monitor controls and verify that controls have taken place in accordance with expectations. There are a variety of different types of thermometer. However, it is the probe thermometer, fridge thermometers, display thermometers and infra-red thermometers that are most commonly used in catering establishments. In a minority of cases data loggers andContinue reading “Thermometers and Food Safety”